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Technical notes

The sculptures that I present to you are entirely handmade from clay patties or colombin technique.  


The humid wall off the piece is printed with the selected texture

 and engraved in the material. I designed this way of working to allow me a perfect inlay of the textures in the clay to form the surface of the work. This plays an important role in the expression, feel and movement of the Art piece.


The character becomes alive in my hands. Even before it is finished, it begins to breathe, to shake and to move. Indeed, beyond the subject's pose or color, it is the texture that makes the work vibrate and amplifies the movement and expression that are the essence of life.


The color must also blend harmoniously and cover well without disguising these textures. A lot of research has allowed me to develop a very wide range of colored engobe, which I call "vitrified". They penetrate the most delicate textures without camouflaging them. This slip is crushed for 24 hours to obtain a very fine grain that clogs the pores of the clay. Mixed with a fair amount of glaze, the color gives a vitrified surface but retains a matt or velvety appearance. Not having the gloss of glass, it can capture the light without deforming or altering the angles and the surfaces of the sculpture. The slip is applied directly to the raw piece, which is fired in the electric kiln # 04 or # 02 depending on the clay used.  The few touches of real glaze come from a personal composition and can be applied directly on the raw clay.

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