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"Le prodigieux défi de Maître Thot"
Tale written by France Fauteux.


We are in an imaginary world where everything can happen.

Thot, maître d’harmonie, est l’histoire du peuple Couleurs.

Thot, master of harmony, is the history of the Colors people. These courageous beings, at once daring and dreamy, live in serenity on the Île aux Mille Colors. A devastating storm destroys their country. They have to evacuate. Only Master Thot, their leader, remains on the spot.


As they leave, they agree to meet at the top of the rainbow, their life source.


The storm proves to be catastrophic. Master Thot is submerged and almost drowned by a deluge that drenches the island. Saved in the nick of time by a neighbouring people, the Lovards, he mounts a perilous expedition to find his fellow citizens and bring them back to what remains of their country.

The only possible way to get to the life source is to climb the rainbow. The way up is ethereal and fragile, at the mercy of the wind, the clouds, the whimsy of the sun, and the many travellers flying through the air. Undaunted, the courageous Master Thot sets forth on his quest with two fearless Lovards.

From one close call to another, they eventually arrive at their destination. Master Thot finds his dear Colours humming with life, while the two Lovards are awestruck by what they see.

The five main Colours leave to go home, but the way back is no less hazardous. Besides the dangers of the journey itself there are new challenges and perils. While climbing the rainbow, Master Thot saved his life and the lives of his fellow travellers by making rash promises to a dark and dangerous character who, on the journey back, will demand that the promises be fulfilled.

Vert, personnage du conte "Le Peuple Couler"

Will Master Thot, through his crafty bargaining, and the Colours, through their ingenious performances, manage to make it all the way home? Will they get back to their devastated country?

But a surprise is waiting. Their country is a little less devastated than expected … Has someone cleaned things up?

Enthusiastically, with their minds made up to rebuild, the main Colours decide then and there to bring the younger Colours home as well.

Together, the Colours focus their hearts and minds on their important mission: creating a new masterpiece and making their country a living treasure of the imaginary universe.

Orange, personnage du conte "Le Peuple Couler"
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